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Callaway Ladies Leather Belt Bright

Callaway Ladies Leather Belt Bright

Įprasta kaina €39,99 EUR
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Extremely chic, 100% leather belt in classic navy with a matching colour buckle with silver detailing and a small chevron logo. Very simple yet super stylish belt measuring 1 1/4"/3cm in depth. The buckle fastens with a pin through one of the seven belt holes and has a sliver bar through which you can thread the excess belt. What's more, you can cut this belt to fit, making this the perfect accessory for trousers or a skort - bringing your outfit right up-to-date.

Cut To Fit

Look for the sticker on the back of the belt. Lift the flap on the buckle, remove the leather belt, trim to the desired length, push the belt back into the buckle and re-clip. Perfection!

100% PU

Product Code: CAL-L-CGAR9010-PEACOAT

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