Callaway Mens Syntech Golf Glove

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The Callaway SynTech golf glove is their most advanced all-weather glove and it will help provide excellent grip in all kinds of weather conditions.

Callaway have used their HEX pattern digitised synthetic construction for a super soft leather-like feel, this will improve the overall fit of the glove. Then Callaway have used a reinforced palm and thumb design to add durability and grip to the glove.

On the back of the hand Callaway have used their X-Spann technology. X-Spann is a lycra material that increases flexibility, breathability and moisture-wicking so that the overall performance is good all through the year.

To provide the most exceptional of fits Callaway have used their Opti-Fit adjustable closure system.

Product Features
  • HEX Pattern Digitised Synthetic Construction
  • Reinforced Palm and Thumb Design 
  • X-Spann
  • Opti-Fit Adjustable Closure