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Callaway Mens Thermal Grip Gloves (Pair)

Callaway Mens Thermal Grip Gloves (Pair)

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Callaway have designed the Men’s Winter Thermal Grip glove to provide both grip and warmth through the colder months of the year.

To provide exceptional levels of grip a digitised synthetic leather palm has been used. The rest of the glove has been made from a combination of Opti-Shield (microfiber that repels water), Opti-Therm (internal fleece for warmth) and Opti-Fit (secure closure tab) that will deliver a superior fit with incredible levels of performance.
  • Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm - Improved Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Opti Shield™ Microfiber Outer Shell - Repels Water & Provides Wind Protection
  • Opti Therm™ Thermal Fleece Inner Lining - Keeps Hands Warm
  • Opti Fit™ Adjustable Closure - Thin, Light & Secure Fit
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