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Callaway Mens Tour Opti-Dri Low Cut Socks Black

Callaway Mens Tour Opti-Dri Low Cut Socks Black

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The Callaway Tour Opti-Dri Low Cut Socks are available in a black or a white and feature enhanced breathable properties to ensure total performance comfort.

An asymmetric fit contours each foot for an improved fit, Callaway have used a conforming stretch fabric to increase the natural flex of the foot and included an engineered heel and a 360 arch support to improve cushioning and support comfort.

Mesh channels have been used in the design of these Tour socks to improve breathability and wick away any excess moisture.
  • Conforming stretch
  • Engineered heel
  • 360 arch support
  • Aysmmetric fit
  • Mesh channels
  • Cushioned foot
  • 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
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