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JuCad Bag Style

JuCad Bag Style

Įprasta kaina €329,99 EUR
Įprasta kaina Išpardavimo kaina €329,99 EUR
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Elegant and sporty – a real eye-catcher

Due to a modern design with finest materials, the bag series Style has a sporty and at the same time elegant appearance. The 14 full-length club compartments, the external putter tube and the extra-large insulated drinks pocket make the 9-inch bag a functional companion on the golf course. Speaking of functionality: the clip-on accessory pocket, the separate compartment for the JuCad Powerpack and numerous small or large external pockets offer plenty of storage place and simplify a fast access to your golf equipment. The bag hood with integrated rain cover protects your golf bag even in bad weather - the JuCad bag Style guarantees absolutely comfortable rounds of golf!

  • 14 full-length club divisions, 9 inch
  • External oversize putter tube 
  • Tee holder 
  • Spacious, easily accessible outside pockets 
  • Softly padded compartment for your valuables and net pocket 
  • Separate umbrella compartment 
  • Large insulated pocket for drinks 
  • Glove and towel holder 
  • Detachable accessories pocket 
  • Comfortable handles 
  • Dedicated compartment for JuCad Powerpack 
  • Incl. club cover with integrated rain cover and shoulder strap 
  • Weight 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs 
  • Personalisation available with name, initials or logo
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