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JuCad Carbon 3-wheel Manual Trolley

JuCad Carbon 3-wheel Manual Trolley

Įprasta kaina €999,99 EUR
Įprasta kaina Išpardavimo kaina €999,99 EUR
Išpardavimas Išparduota
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 Tyre colour: black

Wheel rim colour: black


  • height adjustable handle bar
  • upper and lower folding / turning bag supports
  • motorless trolley in carbon fibre composite material
  • suitable for any size of golf bag without weight limit
  • extremely strong free running high-tech wheels
  • wheels with interchangeable air-cushion tyres
  • choice of several wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost
  • easily dissembled, fits into the JuCad Travelcover
  • detachable with a mini packing size: 65x35x10 cm / 25.5x13.5x3.9 inch
  • umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella
  • weight frame and wheels: 4.5 kg / 8.8 lb
  • INCLUDING: Reinforced transport bag with wheels and telescopic handle.



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