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JuCad Carbon Travel 2.0 Elektrinis Golfo Vežimėlis

JuCad Carbon Travel 2.0 Elektrinis Golfo Vežimėlis

Įprasta kaina €2.767,99 EUR
Įprasta kaina €3.690,99 EUR Išpardavimo kaina €2.767,99 EUR
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Tyre colour: black

Wheel rims colour: black


  • Integrated technology package: electronic parking brake on both sides, brushless motors, magnetic plug and charge state display
  • 48V drive system
  • Simple operation with stepless rotary speed control
  • Rotary control switch for drive, reverse and neutral functions
  • Umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella
  • Height-adjustable handle bar
  • Easy push or pull handling even without battery power
  • Automatic preset distance control (10-20-30 metres)
  • Electronic downhill brake (cruise control)
  • Cables, batteries and motors remain invisible
  • High performance lithium battery for up to 45 holes incl. rapid charger – tested, verified and certified in compliance with UN Transport Test BU-202100303-B1
  • Upper and lower folding and turning bag supports
  • Extremely durable low resistance wheels
  • Air cushioned interchangeable tyres
  • Vast choice of wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost
  • Light, foldable, detachable with a mini packing size: 65x35x15 cm / 25.6x13.8x5.9 inch
  • Full carbon frame with 6 year warranty
  • Weight of frame and wheels 5.8 kg / 12.8 lbs
  • Available with optional remote control

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