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JuCad Golf Umbrella Automatic With Pin

JuCad Golf Umbrella Automatic With Pin

Įprasta kaina €79,99 EUR
Įprasta kaina Išpardavimo kaina €79,99 EUR
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The extra light, large automatic JuCad umbrella protects you from rain or sunshine and adds colour even when the skies are grey. Equipped with an automatic opening mechanism it can be opened in no time at the push of a button. The umbrella is easily attached to the handlebar of your trolley by means of an umbrella pin and wind safety catch without the need for a separate umbrella holder. 140 cm diameter.

Individualise your umbrella with your name, initials or company/club logo. Available in black, white, red, blue and gold plus three different fonts. The printed area may vary depending on the model. Simply add the umbrella of your choice to the shopping basket and choose your personalisation.

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