Longridge Vector+ Mens Golf Set

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The Longridge Vector + Package offers the golfer a complete golf set. A set that is perfect for beginners or advanced players. Designed with very forgiving heads that can easily bring the ball into the air and reduce twisting at the side of the middle.


Alloy driver: #1/460cc – 44″
Alloy wood: #3/18deg – 43″
Alloy hybrid: #5/24deg – 39″
Zinc Iron: 7#/37′ 8#/36.5″ 9#/36” PW#/35.5” SW#/35.5″

  • 9 clubs, 2 headcovers and a cart bag.
  • Perfect for beginners or intermediate players.
  • 460cc Alloy Driver offers maximum size and power, while offering a large sweet spot to prevent miss-hitting.
  • Fairway wood, hybrid wood, 5x irons (#7 to #PW) and putter.
  • Woods fitted with composite graphite shafts and irons fitted with Stainless Steel.
  • Putter fitted with Steel shaft
  • For right-handed players.