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Nike Women's React Ace Tour

Nike Women's React Ace Tour

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We'd like to introduce the Nike React Ace Tour. It's the first performance golf shoe we've designed and refined with the female athlete in mind. Every detail, from the new traction pattern to the innovative lacing system, is built to perform, whether you're a professional or just starting your golf journey.

Female-Specific Design

This shoe was built, tuned and styled to meet the performance needs of female athletes. Informed by women’s foot shape, the fit features a shallower toe box, a tapered heel, a higher arch and an outsole that narrows through the arch.

Innovative Lacing

The FlyEase lacing system acts like a harness for your foot by delivering a quick, secure fit with a simple pull of the band. A side loop releases the fit system with another easy pull.

Cushioned Responsiveness

Nike React technology is a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth, springy ride. A foam sockliner cushions every step.

Perimeter Traction

Instead of placing it directly underfoot, the new outsole pattern integrates traction along the perimeter of the shoe. The critical slipping zone beneath your first metatarsal has added components that increase grip when you transition into your downswing.

More Benefits

  • Mudguard wraps the entire shoe, adding durability to high-wear areas.
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