Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder features ID Technology, allowing stress-free club selection when facing a shot with elevation change.

Now measuring up to 590 meters/650 yards and lighter than ever, the COOLSHOT 40i is designed for golfers eager to improve their skills. It incorporates Nikon's angle compensation technology, which displays the slope-adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height) and is ideal for use on golf courses with uphill and downhill slopes. First Target Priority Mode is useful to measure the distance to a flagstick on a green when there are trees in the background. Nikon’s HYPER READ technology ensures the measured distance displays instantly (approx. 0.5 sec) regardless of how far you are from the target, allowing you to stay focused on the game. The multilayer-coated 6x high-quality finder offers bright, clear images.

Dimensions (L x H x W) (mm/in.): 112x70x36/4.41x2.76x1.42

Finder - Effective objective diameter (mm/in.): 21/0.83

Finder - Exit pupil (mm/in.): 3.5/0.14

Finder - Magnification (x): 6

Electromagnetic compatibility: FCC Part15 SubPartB class B, EU: EMC directive, AS/NZS, VCCI classB, CU TR 020

Distance display (Increment) (m/yd.):

Actual distance (upper 4-digit): every 0.5
Actual distance (lower 3-digit): every 1
Horizontal distance (upper 4-digit): every 0.2
Height (lower 3-digit): every 0.2 (shorter than 100 m/yd): every 1 (100 m/yd and over)
Slope adjusted distance(Horizontal distance ±Height)
(upper 4-digit): every 0.2

Finder - Eye relief (mm/in.): 18.3/0.72

Laser classification

IEC60825-1: Class 1M Laser Product
FDA/21 CFR Part 1040.10: Class I Laser Product

Measurement range (actual distance) (m/yd.)


Finder - Actual field of view (º)


Power source

CR2 lithium battery x 1 (DC3V)
Auto power shutoff function equipped (after 8 sec.)



Accuracy (actual distance) (m/yd.)


Weight (excluding battery) (g)