Odyssey O-Works R-Line CS Putter

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The Odyssey O-Works R-Line CS Putter features an oversized mallet head shape that incorporates their high contrast Versa alignment technology and is the only putter in the range with a centre shaft.

This face balanced mallet style head also features the all new Microhinge face insert. Microhinge has been developed to produce more topspin and roll off regardless of where on the face you strike the ball.

Microhinge is a two-layer insert, the underlay is a Thermoplastic Elastomer designed to produce a true ‘Odyssey’ feel and on top of that you have the Microhinge stainless steel plate. Together the hinge and urethane combine to produce more consistent distance and accuracy control .

In keeping with previous models Odyssey have continued to use their Versa high contrast alignment technology that will allow your eyes to focus on the linear design of the putter head. This Versa technology will provide the perfect solution to having a consistent setup and alignment.

To give you the best possible chance of putting consistently Odyssey have used their Counterbalance technology in this O-Works model. By using a heavier head it will help reduce the tension in your hands and engage your arms better, a combination that will help you swing the putter more consistently with better control.


R-Line  CS Mallet  3°  RH   35"  Centre shaft