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The TaylorMade SIM Driver allows players who crave customisation and adjustability to optimise ball flight characteristics by creating a +/- 20 yards of draw-fade bias. This is achieved using a Sliding Weight Technology and a single 10g weight.

Featuring a revolutionary asymmetrical sole design to reduce aerodynamic drag in the last three feet of the downswing (a.k.a “the speed generation zone”), the SIM Driver has been designed to maximise clubhead speed right before impact. This is the most critical part of the swing, and is where TaylorMade engineers have fixated their attention this time around. At the Tour level, golfers can commonly increase their speed from 90 MPH to 120 MPH during this portion of the downswing.

By using an asymmetric sole design and enhanced Inertia Generator, designers hoped to be able to improve aerodynamics and clubhead speed at this critical stage. By moving the CG projection very low, the SIM optimises launch conditions and increases MOI, providing additional forgiveness for every golfer. The SIM design also features an ultra-light weight chromium carbon crown with a chalk white topline, creating a contrast with the black clubface that helps to frame the ball at address and improves alignment.

Revolutionary New Shape with Aerodynamic. Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator.
Designed to provide faster clubhead speed for more ball speed and distance while the rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness.

Speed Injected™ technology for intelligently optimised C.O.R. where golfers typically hit it.
Improves ball speed across the face by calibrating each head to the threshold of the legal speed limit.

Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots.

Provides adjustability and personalisation to optimise the club for each golfer’s trajectory, face angle and flight bias preferences, up to /-2° loft change and up to /-20 yards of draw-fade bias.

Multi-Material Construction with Carbon, Titanium and Steel. Creates a head design where weight is positioned precisely in the head for ultra-low CG and high MOI.

Dial In Trajectory with Loft Sleeve™Technology
Provides adjustability and personalization to optimize the club to individual trajectory and face angle preferences, up to +/-2° loft change.


Loft  Hand Lie Volume Length Swing Weight
8°  RH 56° - 60° 460cc  45.75" D4 (HZRDUS D5)
9°  RH/LH 56° - 60° 460cc 45.75" D4 (HZRDUS D5) 
10.5°  RH/LH  56° - 60°  460cc  45.75"  D4 (HZRDUS D5) 

Shaft Options
Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited 60 (X, S, R)
Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 (6.5-X, 6.0-S)

Grip Options

Golf Pride Z-Grip 47g 0.620 Round (Black/Gray) on Diamana shaft
Golf Pride Z-Grip 47g 0.600 Round (Black/Gray) on HZRDUS shaft

TaylorMade SIM Driver is used by the following players:

  • Tiger WoodsTiger Woods
  • Rory McIlroyRory McIlroy