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Wellputt Mat First 3M

Wellputt Mat First 3M

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Are you new to the sport, or simply looking for the best value on the market?
Then this Wellputt training mat is made for you !

The First Mat takes all the basics of the Wellputt training concept. Practicing on the First Mat will get you ready for the 10ft, 13ft and 26ft mats. 
Improve your putting, lower your scores and have fun!

The Wellputt First Mat concept includes:

  • Length: 3 M
  • Width: 0.35 M
  • 2 play directions - 1 direction to practice accuracy, 1 direction to refine the distance control
  • 3m stimp speed (direction of distance control), 11.5ft / 3.50m stimp speed (aiming direction)
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning
  • The “Wellputt Zone” signature asking the players to make the ball roll over the hole and finish in the “Good Zone”
  • Training Mode: 3 balls to succeed, Performance Mode: 1 ball to succeed
  • Approved by Cameron McCormick (PGA Coach of the Year 2015)
  • 10 practice exercises available on the packaging and on the Wellputt App (on iOS and Android)
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