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Wellstance Right Handed

Wellstance Right Handed

Įprasta kaina €69,99 EUR
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WELLSTANCE will bring many solutions to your over-all game:

  • Perfects your alignment and ball position
  • Stops your “Slice”
  • Further develops your swing by being perfectly lined up to your target
  • Efficiency in gaining power and precision
  • Rapidly becoming an essential tool for weekly practice sessions
  • Easy to use for golfers of any level

A good golf swing starts with great ball contact.
To achieve this goal, Wellstance shows : 

  • Where to place the ball for each club
  • Proper foot placement and positioning for each club
  • Proper shoulder alignment with the mirrored surface, making sure you are always square to your target line
  • How the whole body needs to be placed for proper aim and alignment

The Wellstance has been imagined and created to serve multiple purposes: being able to create a mental image of the body's movement through the golf swing, helping the mind register movements by repeating them on a tool that is perfectly calibrated for the golf swing - a tool made for repetitive practice to be able to create muscle memory in your body but also in your mind.


Dimensions:  27,5x11,8x0,07 in / 2,30x0,98x0,006 ft

Composition: Aluminium - PVC Aluminium

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